All the rubber we use is factory spec, high performance sticky rubber. For your resole we can use Vibram XS EDGE, Vibram XS Grip 2, 5.10 Stealth Onyx, 5.10 Stealth HF (High Friction). The choice is yours.

We also can resole your La Sportiva “NO EDGE Technology” shoes.

Vibram XS EDGE: This rubber compound is exceptionally resistant to deformation on razor sharp edges and it will not creep when smearing.

Vibram XS Grip2: The XS-Grip 2 is a rubber compound with superior grip, perfect for overhanging climbing routes.

5.10 Stealth ONYXX: ONYXX has a hardness-to-friction ratio that cannot be beat for precision edging and exceptional durability.

5.10 Stealth HF: With the advancement of boulder and sport climbing, Stealth HF has helped unlock the steepest of climbs by conforming to even the smallest edges and crystals, allowing athletes to pull with their feet.

Approach shoe soles: We hand groove 5.10 Stealth rubber into a Diamond patterned sole.