The average climber goes through two pairs of rock shoes a year. More if you gym climb on a regular basis. You’ll save a minimum of $70 if you just have one pair of shoes resoled rather than buy a new pair. If you climb a lot, four pairs of shoes a year is not excessive. If you send your shoes to us they will be able to take up to four resoles and you’ll save over $300 a year by not buying new shoes – with no loss in performance or fit.

At the Rubber Room, our method of resoling returns your boots to that golden period when fit and friction are at their optimum. We keep them how your foot likes them-but with the sole and rand totally restored.

If you want the best return for your dollar you’ve got to send your shoes to us before you wear through the rand. This will ensure that with a new sole your boot will perform well and that you can have several resoles per shoe. Remember, you are only climbing on your toe and that is where your shoes take the most wear. Your boots may look like new on the rear sole but if they’ve worn through at the toe and rand its like climbing on a pair of banana skins. Try to resole when the sole is 80% worn.


  • Keep them away from heat, especially the back of cars. This conserves the glue used to hold the sole and rand onto the uppers and midsole.
  • Clean them before stepping onto rock. This increases friction and hence your chance of success and also decreases wear.
  • Don’t walk far in them.
  • Take them off between routes or boulder problems and take approach shoes with on climbs with long descents.
  • Store them in a dry and airy place.
  • Check them regularly for wear. If the sole is nearly worn through (80%), send them to us.