Since the 1970’s there has been a tradition of quality rock shoe resoles in the Eastern Sierra. First, Wheeler’s Boot Repair and later Wilson’s Eastside Sports assembled a team of master cobblers and set the standard for performance resoles. Since 1981 Tony Puppo has been part of that team, Nan joined in 1996. 27 years, 3 shops, dozens of craftsmen and women and over 80,000 pairs of shoes later, that legend continues at The Rubber Room.

Take a look around the shop…

The Rubber Room is a collection of craftsmen dedicated to breathing new life into well-worn rock shoes. We started resoling rock shoes more than 30 years ago to keep our own shoes alive and to provide a quality product for the climbing community.

Whether you’re sporting the latest model climbing shoes or slab happy in your old favorites, one thread connects all climbers; we love our shoes. At The Rubber Room, we’ve spent years climbing and caring for rock shoes. Our evolving techniques will revitalize your favorites while maintaining their glove-like fit.

When it’s time for your rock shoes to be repaired, send them to the best around, The Rubber Room.

Tony Puppo