Since the 1970’s there has been a tradition of quality rock shoe resoles in the Eastern Sierra. First, Wheeler’s Boot Repair and later Wilson’s Eastside Sports assembled a team of master cobblers and set the standard for performance resoles. Since 1981 Tony Puppo has been part of that team, Nan joined in 1996. 27 years, 3 shops, dozens of craftspeople and over 100,000 pairs of shoes later, that legend continues at The Rubber Room.

Check out this short movie about how it all began…

The Rubber Room is a collection of craftspeople dedicated to breathing new life into well-worn rock shoes. We started resoling rock shoes more than 30 years ago to keep our own shoes alive and to provide a quality product for the climbing community.

Whether you’re sporting the latest model climbing shoes or slab happy in your old favorites, one thread connects all climbers; we love our shoes. At The Rubber Room, we’ve spent years climbing and caring for rock shoes. Our evolving techniques will revitalize your favorites while maintaining their glove-like fit.

When it’s time for your rock shoes to be repaired, send them to the best around, The Rubber Room.

Tony Puppo